Team bonding in Taupo

Taupo netball

The 10A netball team went down to Taupo for a team bonding/training weekend. This brought our team together as we used teamwork throughout the activities. These helped us to grow closer as a team.

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Caritas - Lent 2016

Our target of raising $2000 towards Caritas NZ’s Lenten collection is within reach. Only two more collecting days to go, this Wednesday and Thursday, and our total stands at $1615. The students have been very generous in their giving, and the coins, together with a good number of notes, really add up.

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Students work alongside gifted Italian artist

IMG 1727.JPG

Italian artist, Pepe Gaka (Giuseppe Maria Luigi Percivati), joined us at Sancta Maria College to help our students complete our newest art work, ‘Immacolata’. This will be Pepe’s final artwork in New Zealand before he heads to Canada where he will continue his busking journey around the world. Pepe is dedicated to both art and religion and his artworks reflect this.

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