Hokianga (Blue)

The landing place of Bishop Pompallier and the location of the first Catholic Mass celebrated in Aotearoa New Zealand. Bishop Pompallier’s influence saw Hokianga become known as ‘Te Kohanga O te Hahi Katorike, ke Aotearoa’ - The cradle of the Catholic faith in New Zealand.

Akaroa (Gold)

Bishop Pompalleir arrived in Akaroa on the Sancta Maria on the 2nd of October 1841.Pompallier was sympathetic towards the Maori culture. He started building the first church in Akaroa in 1840.The name of the church was St James and it was refurbished in 1859.

Kororareka (Red)

It was here in Russell that Pompallier set up his headquarters as leader of the Catholic Mission to Western Oceania. Kororareka later became known as Russell. 'E mea ana te Kawana, ko nga whakapono katoa, o Ingarani, o nga Weteriana, o Roma, me te ritenga Maori hoki, e tiakina ngatahitia e ia.' ~ The Governor says the several faiths of England, of the Wesleyans, of Rome, and also Māori custom shall be alike protected by him.

Waitemata (Green)

When Bishop Pompallier was 34 years old, after 12 years of being a priest, he set off for the Pacific and landed in Waitemata in 1842. He created a Mission Station there.