8CLE win dance competition

The award for the best Year 8 dance in their annual competition has been given out.This year’s winners out of the five homeroom classes is none other than 8CLE.

As shown by their very happy faces in the photo it is clear that all of 8CLE’s students are very proud of their achievement. Some of their comments include:

“It was a great experience and it was great fun. It was also surprising because everyone said we couldn’t win.” – Caitlin Pratley

“It was fun just to experience the dance and it was fun with the peer support leaders” – Matt O’Neill

“At first no one really wanted to be in the dance but then later on others really got into it. When students were away we would help each other. Honestly, this made our class bond.” – Sonia Titus

Evidently they were all rewarded for the fruits of their labour. When they thought they couldn’t win they persevered until the end. Overall it was another exciting competition. it makes us eager to find out what 2018 will bring. Will next year’s 8CLE class be victorious or will the trophy go to one of the other Year 8 classes?


Lars Bosales