School Uniform


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If you have any questions regarding the school uniform, please contact Dianne Guinan:
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All students must wear correct regulation uniform at school, on the way to and from school, and on all official school trips. At all times clothing must be neat, clean and tidy and worn correctly. All articles of clothing must be clearly named.

Junior Boys' Uniform

Short sleeved shirt - chambray blue, also in long sleeve
Navy blue lined shorts
Navy blue wool jumper
McKinlay sandals (safari black leather) and /or black leather lace up school shoes
Navy blue knee length socks with gold and light blue stripe

Junior Girls' Uniform

Short sleeved shirt - chambray blue, also in long sleeve
Navy blue knee length skirt
Navy blue wool jumper
McKinlay sandals and/or black leather lace up flat soled, school shoes
Navy ankle sock with a light blue strip (they should sit just above the ankle, not to be folded. If they finish mid-calf, a smaller size is more appropriate) or in winter, navy blue opaque pantyhose 

Optional Items

Navy Blue Soft-Shell School Jacket/Sports Uniform 
Tracksuit Top
Tracksuit Bottom
School Cap / Hat

Physical Education

Tee shirt and shorts - navy blue and light blue - purchased through the school. All students are to wear their tee shirt and shorts at all Physical Education classes and other school sports activities. Footwear - students must bring soft-soled footwear for physical education.

Senior Uniform (Year 12 and 13)

Year 12 and 13 students wear a senior uniform including tie and blazer. 

Compulsory Items

Blouse / shirt
Skirt (girls) / Trousers (boys)

PE shorts and top or PE Studies shorts and top if they doing PE Studies as a subject

Optional items

Cardigan (girls)
Vest (boys)
School tracksuit jacket

Senior Uniform - Shoes

Girls to wear black shoes (no socks) with a choice between three options. 

Option 1 - Hush Puppies shoes - Monica ADC style (available at Hannahs, Botany Town Centre Branch)

Option 2 - DF Supersoft shoes - Harding style (available at Hannahs, Botany Town Centre Branch)

Option 3 - Hush Puppies  - Marilyn (available at Elizabeth Michael Uniforms)


Boys are required to wear men dress shoes and plain black socks.