Murder at SMC


Last week was Library Week with ‘Murder by the Book’ murder mystery as one of the activities. There were clues around the library to help solve the mystery, including a cryptic message. The mystery? To find out who killed Mrs Terry, the motive behind the killing and how she was killed.


Teams of 2-4 students were registered as investigators and had a detective briefing on Monday, when they received their detective pack. But, the difficulty was compounded by false clues.


After a few days, two new spark cards went up on the evidence board to help those who were struggling to solve the case. Excitement was building as the teams of ‘detectives’ worked together investigating the case, locating and unscrambling the clues in their quest to find the killer.


On Friday, students had to hand in their case solutions. After much consideration and weighing of evidence the winning team of detectives is: Camilla Isip, Claudia Mistar and Johann Ang.

Sydney Causer