Life in NZ

Our goal is to give each international student a personalised educational experience that will allow them to be educated holistically and to achieve their potential in all aspects of school life.


“I’m really proud to be part of Sancta Maria College. Sancta Maria College is a very good school in New Zealand, I really love this school because I have made lots of friends and everyone is very kind and supportive to each other. I have a lot of experience during my studying here. I don’t really know how to express the feelings about this school but I can say that this is my second home and I want to stay here for longer.” (50 weeks from Thailand)

“I think that all the things that are done in this school are particularly. The campus is beautiful, the teachers and students are particularly enthusiastic. There are many extra-curricular activities. I really like this school.” (4 weeks from China)

“I’m good in that school because in this school people are friendly, teacher often help to me.” (4 weeks from China)

“This college is a good school. The students are very friendly. I made a lot of friends here. The teachers are friendly too. You can talk with teacher what you want to say. Then teacher will give you help or advice. We had lots of activities and text is easy too. In a word – I love this college.” (4 weeks from China)

“I’m very happy to studying at Sancta Maria College. It’s a kid of difference and the education is difference. There students or teachers are always help me and they also friendly. I’m very enjoy there, I hope we will meet soon. I think Sancta Maria College is better than our school.” (4 weeks from China)

“From my perspective, everything is absolutely fine here. It took me about a week to figure everything out. Teachers and friends are very nice and friendly, and the school environment is safe.” (8 weeks from Thailand)

“To be honest this school are the best school and we have lots of International Students. I also have enough time to study and all students respect each other.” (7 weeks from Cambodia)

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