Journey’s End opens Students’ Eyes

Throughout Term 3, the Year 10s have been learning about the First World War. As a treat, Mrs Stickland and Mrs Stevens organised a movie and ice cream for the whole year group as part of the World War One unit.

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The Long Walk

Our Year 9 students went on a walk to One Tree Hill as part of their EOTC week. With the Year 10s away at camp, the Year 9s had a week full of fun activities planned by Mr Williamson and other members of staff. Initially Wednesday had been assigned as the Volcanic Walk but due to the unfortunate weather it was swapped with Thursday’s English activity.

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Year 10s take Allenzo’s Advice on Board

“Say you’re walking on a beach and you step on a big shard of glass. Your one solution is to take that piece of glass and stab your other foot so you can’t feel the pain of the other one since this foot is now in more pain.

You make a worse situation for yourself so you don’t have to focus on it. That’s what drugs do to you.” Allenzo explained.

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