Cultural Festival 2018, the Biggest yet

Events like the Cultural Festival remind us of who we are and why we are. Culture is what sparks exuberance. It can be as small as the way you style your hair or as big as your grandmother’s traditional feast on Sunday.

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Summer Reading

As we look forward to a long, hot summer what comes to mind? Days at the beach, with a great book. Sitting by the pool, with a great book. Whiling away the time in the back of a stationary car when everybody else seems to be heading to the same holiday destination at the same time, with a great book. Watching the rain trickle down the window pane for the third day in a row, with a great book. Trying to ignore that pesky younger brother or sister, with the wonderful excuse, “I can’t. I’m in the middle of this great book.”

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Guitarists hit the right note

BU4 was packed with proud parents as our young guitar students showed how far their playing has developed over the past twelve months. Even though for some it was their first public performance, there was no hint of nerves as they took their turn to play.

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