Living in homestay accommodation is a good option for international students. The homestay experience gives students the opportunity to live like a Kiwi and learn about New Zealand culture and customs. It is also a great way of improving their English language skills.

At Sancta Maria College we take the time to ensure each student is placed in the right homestay environment. The majority of our homestay families are selected from within our school community and we establish close links with the homestay parents to ensure that the student is happy and adjusts to family life in New Zealand.

Accommodation arrangements for students under 18 are very carefully checked and must meet with Sancta Maria College’s approval. All our homestay hosts have police clearance.

A student who is staying in homestay accommodation can expect to have their own bedroom equipped with a bed, study desk and chair and adequate lighting and heating to study comfortably. They will have all their meals provided including at weekends and a packed lunch during weekdays. It is customary in New Zealand for students in homestay accommodation to help with simple chores like setting and clearing the table, drying the dishes and making the bed, and this helps students to become part of the family.