Sancta Maria College offers New Zealand’s National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 1–3. These are national qualifications for secondary school students and are widely recognised throughout the world.

Sancta Maria College is an academic school committed to empowering each individual to strive towards reaching their full potential through the excellent educational opportunities and experiences provided. The curriculum, including Religious Education, is taught with a Catholic dimension and emphasis is given to educating the whole person.

Sancta Maria College is one of Auckland’s leading academic schools. Examination results are superb, with students achieving significantly higher grades than National averages. Pass rates are consistently high for all levels. Many students achieve their qualifications with merit or excellence endorsement. Again, the percentage of students achieving these endorsements is significantly higher than National and decile averages (

Students are supported academically by passionate and inspirational teachers who go the extra mile to ensure that each student fulfils their academic potential. Tutorials and extra assistance are offered, and a comprehensive monitoring and mentoring scheme ensures success for all. Teachers combine future-focused classroom practices with traditional approaches to challenge and extend all learners.

We are committed to preparing our students to embrace the future with optimism and our prime concern is that a student’s experiences at Sancta Maria College are happy, stimulating and rewarding and that each individual is able to make the most of the opportunities the College provides.

If you are considering studying in New Zealand the following brochure from NZQA is a good guide to help you decide.

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NCEA Information

New Zealand’s National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the national qualification for senior secondary school students. NCEA challenges students of all abilities in all learning areas, and shows credits and grades for separate skills and knowledge. It enables students to gain credits from both traditional school curriculum areas and alternative programmes. NCEA and other national certificates are recognised by employers and used as the benchmark for selection by universities and polytechnics. NCEA is also readily accepted overseas, including by universities. When applying for employment, prospective employees can create a summary of their results from their Record of Achievement.


2020 NCEA Student Handbook
2020 NZQA Assessment Staff Handbook


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Sancta Maria College Authenticity of NCEA Assessments


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Curriculum Delivery Procedures
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Internal Moderation Procedures
Special Needs Policy
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Derived Grade Assessment Schedule 2020
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