Year 10 Dodgeball House Sports Competition

During Week 8 of Term 3, a group from the sports committee hosted the Year 10 sports competition. Sports committee members went around the Year 10 homerooms throughout the week in order to promote the event. Hannah, Roisin, Shawna, Tahlisa, Tanya and Mia (members of sports committee), organised dodgeball on Thursday and Friday lunchtime in the gym for all Year 10 students who showed up and were willing to play. All those that came to the gym were supporting their house and trying to win extra house points.

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Jazz Night featured artist – Helen Pahulu

“I thought it was a pretty cool instrument, no girls were playing it at the time!” says Helen Pahulu. Helen has been playing the trombone for around 4 years. She chose the trombone because it was different and because she wanted to be different. 

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ICAS Spelling Results 2018

This year we had four Year 7 students sit ICAS Spelling. Lucas Cooper achieved Distinction.

There were 13 Year 8 students sitting the ICAS Spelling. The top achiever, James Karl received High Distinction with a score of 100%.

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