Our library is an amazing resource.

Sancta Maria College takes great pride in its library and in the service it delivers to staff and students. The facilities are modern, inviting and well patronized. Separate library spaces have been designed to accommodate classes of students working cooperatively at the same time as providing quiet space for students studying individually or reading. Computers and photocopiers are available for student use in the library.

Our vision is “to create a welcoming, organized space where a love of reading is fostered and where students acquire the skills and confidence to become highly independent and discriminating creators and users of information.” 

We believe the library is the academic beating heart of the campus, by which we mean that at its most perfect, the library is the centre of student learning and research. More than any other facility or programme in the school, the library is a place to extend student education beyond the required curriculum.

Our passionate, experienced and well qualified staff have developed a broad collection of resources and services to match the diverse and dynamic needs of the school community.

With the assistance of a large team of student volunteers library services can be accessed from 7.30am to 5pm on school days.

The Michael Stride Library is a positive, friendly and student centred environment where pupils are encouraged to come to study or to read, research or to publish work, as individuals or in groups.

Yes, our library is an amazing resource.