Art at Sancta Maria College education explores, challenges, affirms, and celebrates unique artistic expressions of self, community, and culture. It embraces our Special Character and values and leads students to express their ideas through many types of media including paint, photography and sculpture. Learning about the arts stimulates creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings. In the arts, students learn to work both independently and collaboratively to construct meanings, produce works, and respond to and value others’ contributions. They learn to use imagination to engage with unexpected outcomes and to explore multiple solutions.

Arts education values the students’ experiences and builds on these with increasing sophistication and complexity as their knowledge and skills develop. Through the use of creative and intuitive thought and action, learners in the arts are able to view their world from new perspectives. Through the development of arts literacies, students, as creators, presenters, viewers, and listeners, are able to participate in, interpret, value, and enjoy the arts throughout their lives.

Art Design

The global world we live in is dependent on visual communication and creative industries are rapidly expanding.

Design students are encouraged to heighten their ability to analyse and decipher the visual world they are immersed in and to push boundaries and explore possibilities in the production of their own design work.

Art - Painting

This course seeks to encourage personal performance in Practical Arts. This course allows students the opportunity to explore a wide range of painting and drawing processes and techniques. They will have the opportunity to develop ideas in paint and develop an individual style of painting based on an understanding of contemporary painting concepts and processes. The ideas explored provide a valuable basis for further study in Art and Design at tertiary level. Students will pursue a wide range of painting and drawing techniques and have the opportunity to work on individual topics and to develop personal ideas.


At Year 12 students may enter the exciting world of Art Photography. Using digital technology they will not only learn how to take photographs but also how to manipulate them and add special effects.


This course encourages students to analyse methods and ideas in sculpture, producing original work that shows extensive knowledge of different aspects of creating art sculpture.