At Sancta Maria College it is our privilege to celebrate God, Christ and Mary, following the Catholic tradition, in our classrooms and around our campus.

Sancta Maria provides students with an NCEA supported education in Religious Studies to promote their knowledge about the Cathocism and encourage them to further their faith. Religious Education is a compulsory course from Year 7 till Year 13 and is taught by specific teachers who are confident in their Catholic faith.

All students participate in a morning prayer at the beginning of every day. Throughout the year every students will be given the responsibility to run and organise the morning prayer.

Sometimes this might mean they share scripture readings and common prayers to encourage the students to have a successful and happy day. The morning prayers are always finished with an open prayer session where any student can voice a specific prayer they would like the class to pray for. These sessions are excellent for building faith and student friendships.

We have a chapel at Sancta Maria College which is open at all times for students to visit if they want some peace and quiet to pray. The chapel also hosts Mass every Wednesday for students to come during lunch time to partake in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Throughout the College campus we have several icons and features which remind students of the character of our school and the importance of the Catholic faith. For example there is a huge compass in the courtyard to symbolise that ‘faith is our compass’, which also happens to be our motto.