At Sancta Maria Catholic College we believe that retreats play an important part in the social, emotional and spiritual development of each and every child. We hold retreats at each year level encompassing a variety of structured experiences which aim to nurture the students’ personal development and spiritual growth through developing understanding and empathy. Each retreat experience provides every student opportunities to develop into responsible young adults equipped with the skills to handle any of life’s challenges.

Our retreats focus on relationships, community and understanding oneself, helping develop bonds with peers and develop future College Leaders.

Our retreats aim to deepen the exploration into the student’s own spirituality and provide time for self-reflection and personal growth.

For all students, retreats are a time of development as they start to explore their own lives, relationships and spirituality. Teachers and our College chaplain work closely with all students during these retreats to provide the support and guidance they need in order to gain the most out of every experience.