The deans at Sancta Maria College are focussed on student development and success.

Educational Success

Working with students, their families and teachers to build the most effective teaching and learning opportunities for each student is a key role for the deans.  They work with students to design their timetables and in some cases to tailor those individually for the needs of the student.  Deans liaise with careers guidance, teachers and Heads of Department within the school to monitor student progress and engagement. They ensure that students and their families are aware of any concerns regarding each student’s academic achievement.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Facilitating learning opportunities outside of the classroom is one way that deans assist the students under their care. This can include encouraging and helping students to begin new groups and encouraging student involvement.

The dean can also assist students with leadership, career and vocational development. This could be by referring the student to careers guidance or by arranging their attendance at external training courses and workshops.  Alternatively they may facilitate opportunities for students to gain work experience outside the school, or to visit tertiary institutions.


Student rights and responsibilities are at the core of a positive educational environment. The dean of students has primary oversight for the system that addresses behavioural issues. For example, if a student displays repeated, inappropriate classroom behaviour, the dean of students would respond. Working with students who are having academic difficulty and attendance problems is also a part of a dean’s portfolio. This requires the ability to help students, teachers and parents work together to help students grow and develop.

Communication Conduit

Another main task of the dean is to communicate with parents about key information such as educational achievement and student goals. Finally, the dean must be able to meet with parents to address issues and problems. Maintaining open communication lines demonstrates a commitment to excellence and student success.