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1000 Cans for Christmas

Though it may have been Friday the 13th, it was a lucky day for many, as through the generosity of staff, parents and students alike, several box loads of cans had been collected over the course of the previous two weeks for the SVDP to distribute to needy families at Christmas.

More than 1000 cans donated by our community were placed outside F Block at the start of the day and first period RE students had trouble accessing their classrooms due to the large number of cans in front of the entrance.

Cans for Christmas was established by St. Vincent de Paul Society in 2015 as a way for Catholic schools nationwide to connect with and serve the poor and vulnerable just in time for Christmas. As Catholics, it is our obligation to put others before ourselves and to look after the poor and the vulnerable in our community. This year, around 22337 cans have been collected by approximately 50 participating schools.

And since it is the year of service at Sancta Maria College, what better way to serve our local SVDP Foodbank than by donating cans to the needy.

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Cans for Christmas drive. It will guarantee that hundreds of families will have smiles on their faces during this year’s Christmas season.

Faith Cruz