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1st XV sausage sizzle fundraiser


The humble sausage sizzle. There’s nothing quite as good as the kiwi classic and today, in the C Block Courtyard, the 1st XV Rugby team were selling barbeque sausages for $2.

They are fundraising for their end of season trip where they will get the chance to celebrate the Year 13 boys contribution to Sancta Maria College and the rugby team over the years.

Coach of the 1st XV, Mr Bacon said, “It will also be a chance to develop leadership skills for those students returning to rugby in 2019.” The team had a season that they can be proud of despite not winning the final. They were able to make the semi final against Sacred Heart 4A and put up a good challenge against a side that haven’t lost in three years.

As the team comes together in an effort to raise some money Mr Bacon reflected on the year saying, “The season went relatively well and the boys improved throughout the season. It was great to join up again with Elim College. Lots of boys learned lots in their first season of rugby.”

There’s no doubt that the brotherhood that was formed by the rugby boys will remain strong. The team were delighted with the support they received as sausages flew off the grill throughout lunchtime to help  send the Year 13 players off the right way for one last hurrah.

Shontelle Matano