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2018 Cultural Festival, this Friday 12.25 to 3pm – all welcome


Starting with the traditional Haka, the programme will take you, through the colourful world of dance, to Latin America, Japan, India, Tahiti, the Philippines, China, Tonga, East Asia, Vietnam and Samoa. A whirlwind tour, yes, but one that will excite and enchant you and leave you wanting more.

You will also be entertained by ‘bold and funky’ musical performances from the SMC House Band, Big Band and Jazz Combos. Listen to the vibrant harmonies of our Senior Choir and Junior Choir and be entranced by the passion of our solo performers.

From 12.25, alongside the Cultural Performances, there will be delicious ethnic food stalls (run by parents and staff) for all to appreciate and explore their fare. Enjoy delicacies from India, the Pacific Islands, South Africa, the Philippines and New Zealand. In keeping with Codes of Practice for Food Safety, Food Coupons are available for purchase from the Cashier Office. The coupons will be sold as a set for $5 each. Each food portion is priced at $1 or $2.

There is an opportunity for each student to wear clothes that reflect his/her own cultural heritage and share the story behind it. We hope that this will create an opportunity for our learners to discuss their heritage with you as their parents/whanau as they explore what cultural mufti clothes to wear to school. 

We also would welcome students who would like to join the ‘Wear a Traditional Cultural Costume and Share the Story’ stage walk during our lunch and music festivity. Please let us know via this link  if you would like to participate.


1.40pm SMC KAPA HAKA  (Mrs Judd)

1.45pm Latin America cha cha cha 

1.50pm A Dance from Japan – Obon dori 

1.55pm A Classical Dance from India – Junior Girls

2.00pm Korean Traditional Dance 

2.05pm A Dance from Tahiti (Dr Laux)

2.10pm Filipino Dance –Tinikling  

2.15pm Bollywood Girls 

2.20pm A Dance from China 

2.25pm A Dance from Philippines – Maria Clara 

2.30pm A Dance from Tonga-  Boys  

2.35pm J-K  POP – East Asian Fusion Contemporary Dance

2.40pm A Dance from Vietnam 

2.45pm A Dance from India 

2.50pm K- Fusion Dance 

2.55pm Exotic Dances from Samoa