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250 students going without, this weekend


About 250 Sancta Maria College students will be sacrificing some of their comfort this weekend in support of the World Vision 40-hour famine. This year the money raised will be used to support South Sudanese refugees fleeing war and famine in their homeland.

The students have come up with a variety of novel ways to raise money from their sponsors. As well as the traditional going without food, some of the ideas are: not using furniture, going without technology, spending the forty hours in the garden playhouse without access to modern amenities, no computer games.

One student has decided to only use her left hand (before you ask, yes, she is right-handed), another is going to keep on the move for as long as he can, while two girls intend spending the 40 hours tied together as in a three-legged race.

So, lots of initiative being shown and hopefully lots of money being raised to help those who are less fortunate than we are. Our Feast Day Mass highlighted the selflessness of Mary, this is truly being reflected in the selfless actions of our students.