7DNN Win Peer Support Sing-Off


2018 was another successful year for the Year 7 Peer Support Sing-off. Each homeroom class worked hard to create a song for this annual singing competition. This year, 7BRN’s four-year winning streak came to an end with 7DNN taking out the winning spot.

In 7DNN we enjoyed working together as a class to create new lyrics for the song ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake. Our lyrics were all about hard work, co-operation and taking pride in our class. It took a lot of practice to get the performance just right but our class collaborated well, which is what helped us move beyond our comfort zone. The peer support team for 7DNN was committed to teaching and supporting everyone, including those who were not as confident to start with. Performing was indeed fun, but also nerve-racking and intense.

All the Year 7s enjoyed watching the other classes’ performances and we were impressed by everyone’s creativity. We definitely enjoyed our experience in peer support as Year 7 students.

Eardwulf Ulan & Percecilia La Madrid