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7LIS is full of Sweets, Fun and Laughter


What more could you expect with lots of food filling 7LIS at lunch! The smell of Christmas themed cookies filled the class, making our tummies rumble and mouths water.

We ran stalls to help us learn about spending, saving and investing money as well as collecting some money which will be donated to charity. We had a vote on which charity we should donate to and it ended up in a tie: World Vision and Auckland City Mission. We raised $291.30. There were 16 groups of students running stalls in total.

You can support World Vision by purchasing things like chickens and goats, so we have chosen to buy some animals and a vegetable patch for them. Auckland City Mission hosts a Christmas lunch for the homeless and big families when they can’t afford to feed everyone. A portion of our proceeds will go to them to support their cause.

We would like to thank our teacher, Mrs David, for all the hard work and dedication she has put into making this such a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Cyprus Causer