Athletics Day 2016

  MG 9051L

The heat and hot blistering sun filled Monday was Sancta Maria's school athletics day.  After a few rain checks due to weather, we finally had a day filled with sporting activities where students could choose to compete with others for some friendly competition or to do it socially to gain as msny house points as they can. Students were given different choices on a variety of sporting activities during the day leading up to the house races and relays.

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Year 12 PE Studies Camp 2016

“I’m just hoping I don't drown, or fall into the long drop,” laughs John, a Year 12 P.E. Studies student, as he explains what he and the other students are expecting for their upcoming camp this week. Four days and three nights at the Tawharanui Regional Park, plus a side trip for a snorkelling session at Goat Island with your friends sounds amazing, especially if you’re missing school in the process. Each day’s itinerary is jam-packed with activities that will test their limits physically, and their ability to co-operate within a team. From fitness classes and kayaking, to paddle boarding and surfing, this camp will be a truly great experience.

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