Mother Teresa Service Medal Award Ceremony

At last night’s Family Mass we recognised those students who have gone above and beyond to answer our Lord’s call to serve, by awarding them Mother Teresa Service Medals. Homeroom teachers selected our recipients by weighing up the significance of the service, the amount of service, and the depth of their written reflection on their service.

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Family Mass a ‘mass-ive’ success!

Service is a value that is greatly recognized here at Sancta Maria College. At the annual Family Mass, we rewarded and recognized the compassion and kindness demonstrated by our students in their various acts of service throughout the year. Though not everyone was congratulated publicly, there is no doubt that in the eyes of God all are recognized for their service throughout the school year.

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Fun filled fellowship

If there were three words to describe the Special Characters newly introduced fellowship sessions, it would be: fun, meaningful and safe. Monday came to see a turning point in afterschool time, where everybody was able to feel included and safe through the forging of new friendships in our faith.

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