Amphitheatre taking shape

We have all seen the colosseum-looking building that’s being constructed in C block. We’ve all been asking the same questions; why is it being built? what is it? A pool? A castle?

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Boys win by 26 runs

The boys had a great win on Saturday vs Mission Heights. Batting first we made our way to a total of 86 thanks to an excellent 22 from Jonathon Aviet, helped by Jayden Corriera who scored 16 runs.

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Year 10 Art Trip

On Tuesday, Year 10 art students explored the Auckland Art Gallery to further develop their art skills. During this outing, students were given time to complete a walkabout of the gallery and examine its artworks. This included multiple pieces by New Zealand artist Louise Henderson, whose work was intricate, colourful, and thought provoking, as well as crowd favourite, DiscoVerry, an interactive piece allowing students to dance to disco music in a brightly lit environment.

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