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A day of fun and reflection for Year 7


As the sun rose brightly on Wednesday Morning, it was a perfect day for the Year 7s to go out of school for their Retreat. We had 5 different sessions during the day, Singing, Drama, Arts, Scripture and Team Building. Everyone had an awesome day of learning and most of all we surely did have fun!

We also had a special guest, Tony, from ‘ATTITUDE’. Tony spoke to us about the ‘Friendship Factor’, tips on how to have lots of friends and of course, nearly every moment we all laughed and giggled.

Team building was a bit complicated this time, as in our first game, we had to first mix up our hands (or tangle them) with a random member and try to untangle all of them. That was a big challenge, as always two were remaining with complicated knots.

Mr. Aviet and his class were the definite stars of the pack this year, as his class won ‘Best Singers’ in the Singing session. Everyone went home happily after that. We learnt a lot of new skills, and we even got a chance to draw and write letters to our Year 13 selves.

A lot of reflection also took place during the activities, like when we were doing the scripture session, we needed to pick one or two scriptures and write a letter to our Year 13 selves in 2025. It was hard choosing what to write, but in the end, everyone wrote what they wanted themselves to be in the future.

The definite highlight today which made everyone gasp and scream in surprise, was the Mega Pizza lunch, with 8 whole pizzas for every class. On behalf of the Year 7s, we would like to thank all the Year 7 staff and the Year 13 prefects who ran and set up the whole event.

Jermaine Daclan