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“A Friend in Me”


The retreat theme “a friend in me” had an amazing impact on the Year 8s. There were various activities including group work. We learnt how every member of a group is useful and it is hard to communicate when someone is blindfolded, mute, handicapped or tied together.

One of the main activities was an obstacle course in the chapel. The chairs were scattered everywhere and one person in our group was blind folded and had to get the lollies which were hidden in cones and under chairs. The group had to guide this person, who wasn’t allowed to touch anything but the lollies. And if they did touch a chair or a cone or a rope, all our lollies which we had collected were scattered back into the obstacle course.

Another main activity was after interval. We got into groups. One person from our group was the architect. They left the room to have a look and memorise the building which the rest of the group was going to make. While they were gone, a member from each group put a blind fold on, another member was mute and two members had their hands tied together. When the architect came back, he told us what we had to build but couldn’t help us. Our handicaps made it difficult to work together and come up with the correct outcome.

We also did some other activities like drawing, writing down values and praying and we enjoyed a pizza lunch. Thank you to the LOGOS group who led the retreat.

Cyprus Causer