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A fun-filled quiz at the library


As you already know, it is indeed library week! Many enjoyable activities are offered to all juniors and senior alike, in the hopes of getting everyone to explore the joys of literature. On Tuesday, seven teams from various year groups competed in the library literature quiz.

This year’s quiz had the running theme of mysteries and detectives, with questions ranging from detectives in literature to mysteries in the visual media. Not only that, but extra points were up for grabs with challenging lateral riddles. With the help of our judges – Mrs. Dickson, Faith Cruz, and Ella Smal, all seven teams competed in the hopes of earning the title of “SMC Quizmasters”.

After three rounds of challenging questions and over half a dozen lateral riddles, one team took home the win with 14 points! The team named “Orangutans” consisted of students from Year 9 – Johann Ang, Ella Dickens, Odile De Jesus and Maryam Shah. For winning the quiz, the champions were each able to select one of the many books available on the judges table.

Thank you to all our judges, Mrs. O’Rorke and of course all of our participants.

Faith Cruz