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A great success for a good cause


It was an early start for Group 1 from 11CLE who aim to sell baked items to raise funds to make Christmas parcels for 100 volunteers working at Totara Hospice, Manurewa. A 8.45am on Saturday at Bunnings, Botany, saw them start to set up the stall with the help of their parents and Dr Laux.

They had prepared a variety ofdelicious baked goods. Soon after setting up the first customer came and couldn’t resist the Cookie Monster’s cupcake. And that was just the start. In total $703.70 was raised towards the project. And this is only round one!

11 CLE Group 1 commented, “We would like to especially thank all the students and parents of the group for the time they spent baking for this every special occasion. A special thank you to Ms Stevens, Mrs Crombach, Mrs Smith and Mrs Jeftha who came along to support us. Thank you to Mr Boyle and our Dean Mrs Caudy for popping in. It was great to feel supported in our community service project.”