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A Sunny day is great for playing netball


The first day of netball for this season was exciting for the year 7 and 8 players as they got into the competitive spirit of the games. A sunny day was a blessing. The teams began their practices last term and were ready to face the competition.

There are three Year 8 squads consisting of 9 players each and four Year 7 squads consisting of 7 or 8 players each.

Here are the results from Saturday, May 4:

Champs: Sancta Maria 8A – Loss – 19-22

Champs: Sancta Maria 8B – Loss – 11-30

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 8C – loss – 9/15

Champs: Sancta Maria 7A – Won – 24/5

Flight 1: Sancta Maria 7B – Loss 10/14

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 7C – Won 14-6

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 7D – loss 1/25

As the teams bond together, their skills will improve and we will see better results.

Cyprus Causer