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A Time for Change

Together in one united circle, members of the 40 Hour Famine Committee gathered together to discuss our strategies for this year’s 40 Hour Famine Challenge.

The whole meeting was propelled forward by the single most important question: why? Why promote the 40 Hour Famine? Why promote such a cause? Our own personal answers became our own personal drives, and soon enough we compiled a large list of ideas about our successful tactics designed to advertise the challenge, the tactics that did not work and how we can change or improve these in order to generate more student participation.

Some of the ideas that were put forward were to hold bake sales, to involve teachers in the advertisements and to greatly increase the excitement of the students prior to the challenge happening.

The whole meeting was led by a World Vision worker who- with his humorous and enthusiastic personality- encouraged and instilled excitement in us to promote the challenge. He also did not forget to remind us about the true reason for our participation in the challenge, which is to give help to those who are in great need, as they cannot help themselves. However, despite the many ideas discussed, the meeting was very relaxed, with all group members contributing their ideas as well as their jokes (good as well as bad).

Our previous year’s record of $10,000 is certainly one hard feat to beat, but this meeting certainly set us up to make this year’s challenge the best and the most fruitful one yet. With the organization of the members of the 40 Hour Famine Committee (with the help of Mrs. Kevern) in full swing, there is no doubt that this year’s 40 Hour Famine Challenge is definitely on its way to being a success.

Angelika Bilbao