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A winning finish to girls’ touch rugby season


Last week the girls’ touch team represented the school at Macleans College. Over five touch games held at Macleans, the girls were playing for fifth place.

This term the girl’s touch team have had many practices and trainings, with their hard work paying off last night, winning their final 5-0 against Saint Kents. Ashleigh Swainbank, one of the girls in the team, described this win, “It was really good winning. It was the best we’ve done all season too, plus we had Alice for the first time because she has been injured the whole season, so it was good having the whole team play at least one game together.”

 The Year 13s in the team were happy with the win and were sad that it was their last game playing for the school. The team was very proud of this result and are excited about next season.


Mia Gilchrist