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A word from our Head Boy and Girl for 2024

We start with a quote from our 2024 Head Boy and Head Girl, Avram Taguinod and Jemma McGregor, “It costs nothing to love, so choose love, pursue your passions, and spend time with the people you cherish.”

Avram and Jemma are our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2024.   They are quite excited to be our new head prefects and to be working with each other, hoping to bring more opportunities for leadership roles to juniors and help improve the little and big things that make our school, Sancta Maria College.


A reason why Avram is excited to be head boy is to introduce and provide opportunity. One of those gives our juniors additional opportunities to practice leadership.

As the Head Boy, Avram carries with him a vision: to empower the school community to become leaders in their own way. His passions extend far beyond the classroom; he plays basketball, is a car enthusiast and a guitarist who will also be showcasing his skills in the upcoming Talent Quest!

When it comes to his priorities, Avram isn’t only focused on his academics, rather the meaningful connections he has with his mates. He fully understands the challenges that come with being a high school student and knows the importance of having friends to support you along the way.

Avram is determined to create an inclusive environment where both juniors and seniors can openly communicate with one another, whilst introducing and providing opportunities for all year levels. He believes that every individual deserves a chance to shine and contribute meaningfully to the school community.

When asked for one last piece of advice, Avram shares his favourite Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 13:13: “So now faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

If you see Avram around (most likely in the school gym), don’t be afraid to say hi!


Before we start, here are some fun facts about Jemma! Her favourite movie is ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, her favourite colour is light pink, her favourite artist is SZA and finally she prefers winter over summer.

One of the main reasons Jemma is delighted to be the Head Girl is because of her community; she loves participating and being involved in our school, she was very active even when she was a junior! People (and her calendar, that she can’t live without) are at the core of who she is – particularly her family and close friends.  She attributes them to where she is now.

One of the things Jemma would like to achieve is to be a role model to others, she wants to encourage other people to keep going in hard times and to always know that you are loved wherever you are.

Some advice she would give to her past self (if she was able to time travel) is that everything is going to be alright and to not worry. And if she was able to time travel, she would take a quick peek in the future and look around to see if her life is on track.

We wish Avram and Jemma all the very best this year as they navigate their leadership responsibilities, learning, co-curricular activities, and friendships.