Financial Contributions

The Financial Contributions for 2019 are:
Year 7 & 8  $1,687 per year 
Year 9 -13  $2,050 per year
These amounts are made up by:
Year 7 - 8 Attendance Dues $440 per year incl GST
Year 9 - 13 Attendance Dues $860 per year incl GST                 
Special Character Contribution* $50 per year
Proprietors Contribution*  $355 per year
School Contribution Year 7 & 8*  $842 per year
School Contribution Year 9 -13*  $785 per year

 * These items are classified as donations and are therefore tax deductible.

The Attendance Dues, Special Character Contribution and Proprietors Contribution are passed on by the school to the Diocese for the continued resourcing of Catholic Education.


Financial Contributions are made up as follows:

Attendance Dues:

Attendance Dues are a compulsory payment under the terms of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 and a condition of enrolment at Sancta Maria College.  Attendance Dues are charged for all students who attend Catholic Schools in New Zealand.

Attendance Dues are used to repay loans for building works done at schools in the Auckland Diocese, property related costs including school building works, buildings insurance and costs directly associated with the administration of Attendance Dues.

Attendance Dues are collected by Sancta Maria College on behalf of the school’s Proprietor, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland.  The Attendance dues collected by Sancta Maria College are forwarded to Auckland Common Fund Limited, a company established by the proprietors of Catholic integrated schools in the Diocese of Auckland responsible for the collection of Attendance Dues.

Attendance Dues can be paid in full at the beginning of the school year, per term or by regular instalment. 

If you require more information or need assistance about Attendance Dues please contact our office and ask for Mrs Margaret Littlejohn (SMC Business Manager). 


Special Catholic Character Contributions:

The Catholic Special Character contribution is a voluntary donation of $12.50 per term ($50 per annum) per student. 

This contribution provides the main source of funding for all services provided to Sancta Maria College by the Catholic Education Services Board.  No contributions are made by the Government for these services.

The Catholic Education Services Board assists schools to provide a Catholic education for your child through the preservation and enhancement of the Catholic Special Character in our schools.  

This contribution is GST exempt : tax deductible.

Proprietors Contribution:

This contribution is forwarded to the Diocese for the on-going capital development of Sancta Maria College.

This contribution is GST exempt : tax deductible

School Financial Contribution:

This is required by the Sancta Maria College Board of Trustees to cover a wide range of costs that are not met by the Ministry of Education.  Funds are required for the purchase of text books, sports and music equipment, school magazine, ID cards, additional curriculum equipment and materials such as computers and any other expenditure on behalf of the students as may be approved by the Board.  This financial contribution is subject to change should the Board see fit to alter it and is gst exempt  :  tax deductible

In April each year one tax receipt will be issued outlining all the tax deductible items above that have been received.  This to be attached to IRD form: IR526 for claiming as donations.


For more information please visit Catholic Diocese of Auckland website


Supporting successin our school

If you're a parent, staff member or a member of the school community and draw down a new ASB home loan of $250,000 or more, ASB will donate $500 to your chosen participating school.  See here for details.