Sancta Maria College is committed to preparing its students to embrace the future by providing a complete Catholic education in a safe, nurturing community, shaped by its values.

Our prime concern is that a student's experiences at Sancta Maria College is happy, stimulating and rewarding and that each individual is able to make the most of the opportunities the College provides.

What We Value:


Catholic Faith

Our lives and the life of the College will be modelled on Jesus' life and our Catholic teachings and beliefs. The College nurtures spirtuality and helps students to discover God's love and purpose in every aspect of daily living. Gospel values, prayer and liturgy pervade every aspect of the College's culture.



Sancta Maria College is an academic school committed to empowering each individual to strive towards reaching their full potential and at their highest possible standard, through the educational opportunities and experiences provided. The curriculum, including Religious Education, is taught with a Catholic dimension and emphasis is given to educating the whole person. Student achievement at the College places it as one of the leading academic Catholic Colleges in Auckland.



The College is a place where everyone in our community: students, staff and parents/caregivers, work in partnership to provide an environment that is welcoming, respectful, supportive, caring, nurturing and safe. Having healthy engagement and building a strong sense of community is encouraged.



The College and its environment (as part of God’s creation) upholds the sacred dignity, respect, honesty, justice and value of every individual.


Cultural Diversity

The College acknowledges the rich diversity of cultures it has and embraces the uniqueness of each person’s culture. The College is committed to fulfilling the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi by valuing and reflecting New Zealand’s dual heritage.

As a Collge Community:

We BELIEVE in Christ as our Saviour

We THINK so that we will achieve

We GROW in love and understanding

We CARE about ourselves and others

We ACT in a away that reflects what we believe

Religious Education will be an essential learning area and the whole curriculum will be taught from a Catholic perspective. The College will nurture spirituality and help students to discover God’s love and purpose in every aspect of daily living. Gospel values will pervade every aspect of the College’s culture.