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Adrenalin filled day has no shortage of fun


As part of the Year 12 Core Physical Education course, a group of more than 150 students represented Sancta Maria College in the community at Paradice Ice Skating, Gravity Trampoline Park and Xtreme Bowling. A day out of the classroom gave everybody the opportunity to have a whirl at all the activities these locations had to offer.


At Paradice Ice Skating, the students spent an hour under disco lights and good vibes. All while gliding on freshly cut ice and being in an environment where the general laws of moving don’t apply. Everyone was free to skate around and do whatever they wanted to do – whether it was to get better, to have fun with their friends, to help others out, to stay on two feet, or to try falling over as many times as possible. There was a huge range of things going on. Despite the sore feet and the bruised knees, everyone – from the quietly determined to the outwardly trying – put their best foot forward for this challenge and through working with each other many reached their own personal definitions of success. Some have changed so much as to say, “I left a piece of myself at that rink.”


Whether you’ve listened to the old school hip-hop jam ‘Jump, Jump’ by Kris Kross or have watched the classic musical, ‘Wicked’ than you’re sure to know a thing or two about gravity. And just like the upbeat tune and the famous show, the Gravity New Zealand Trampoline Park was both amusing and exhilarating. And for the Year 12 students who got the chance to explore a place that is known as New Zealand’s favourite trampoline park, it was one of the most fun-filled times they’ve had in a while.


They got the opportunity to feel like a kid again and all worries were put to one side. Students went into the Park pumping with energy and ready to jump to their hearts’ desire. During the one hour session, students got to play a competitive game of dodge ball and also got to learn some tricks and tips which included learning how to do front flips, forward rolls, twists, knee drops, pike jumps and many more cool and stimulating moves that before stepping foot into the trampoline park, they never thought they were capable of doing.


Later in the session, students had free time to do anything they wanted. Basketball hoops were provided with many students showing their dunking skills and also a foam pit which students were jumping into and taking time to relax in. As well as this, students took the time to showcase the skills they had learnt during the teaching session and with great music blasting and an amazing atmosphere, it was definitely an unforgettable experience.


The last of the three activities that the PE classes tried was bowling. The students went bowling at Extreme Entertainment in Botany. This was a part of their social responsibility unit in PE. In PE, they were paired into groups of 4, and throughout the various activities (bowling, ice skating and Gravity) they did today, they judged and graded eachother on their level of social responsibility. All the students had an enjoyable time with the highest score of the day being from Mr Camp, who scored 124, followed by Sarah Wallen who got 114 points. A student from Year 12 described bowling as, “a good time where our team spirit showed and allowed us to reflect upon our peers’ social responsibility.”


Thanks to the PE teachers and all those involved in the making of this event. The long-awaited adrenalin filled day had no shortage of fun, excitement and good times.


Katrina Chan, Shontelle Matano and Mia Gilchrist