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Allyson Ropati is Awarded Kelliher First Foundation Scholarship

Congratulations to Deputy Head Girl Allyson Ropati on receiving the Kelliher First Foundation Scholarship for 2019!

The enthusiastic Year 13 student is “so excited to be embarking on this new journey.” The prestigious accolade was awarded by First Foundation, an organisation which assists academically-talented students to achieve their potential through tertiary education and to prepare them to positively influence and benefit their communities. First Foundation utilises New Zealand expertise, gathering businesses, successful individuals, schools, and students to help achieve their vision of excellence and pursuit towards maximising students’ talents.

The award is a pivotal opportunity for Allyson to enhance her skill-ship as she will receive personal mentoring from experienced advisors in her chosen field of interest, access to First Foundation student support as well as facilitated educational workshops and events. The impact this scholarship will have on Allyson’s educational journey, as well as her personal growth and development, is “major” she says. It is an incredible achievement which Allyson envisions will allow her to “help Aotearoa as a whole” whilst also “building stronger relationships with the people around me” as she attends university next year.

Once again congratulations to Allyson for this magnificent success