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And that’s a wrap for this year


And that’s a wrap for the netball season this year. The Year 7 and 8s have very much enjoyed playing netball. This season has been incredible with so many highlights in the games. Congratulations 8B on coming second in their flight and 8A, 7A and 7C for coming third in their flights. 7D came fourth in their grade and 8C and 7B came fifth in their competitions. 8C had two games today so it was a long day at the courts for them.

Here are the results from this Saturday’s game:

8A – Won 21/13

8B – Lost 22/32

8C – Won 16/11

– Won14/4

7A – Won 16/12

7B – Lost 5/27

7C – Won 17/11

7D – Bye

The players have developed great netball skills and the girls have given it their all and tried extremely hard in every game. This season had good days and bad days but overall, Sancta teams have done well, all teams in the top 5 of their flight. The enjoyment is the best part of it all. We can’t wait for the next season.

Cyprus Causer