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Ange wins 1st place in the Year 10 Speech Competition

Ange Pierquin of 10LIS has smashed the Speech Competition with his humorous speech about how ‘Too much homework is a pain.’ Ange will now represent the Year 10 group at the Eastern Zone Finals.

The 6 students who had talked their way into the Year 10 final were Lorenzo Cruz, Ange Pierquin, Adam Martis, Francesca Adams, Erica Lim and Daniela Romero. During the competition the finalists had to give speeches that related to students in this generation.

Topics that ranged from Daniela’s ‘Feminism’, which contained powerful messages about how feminism has affected the world, to Lorenzo, Francesca and Erica who delivered contrasting speeches about how we should relate to one another.

But then Ange’s humour and delivery struck a chord with the audience and judges alike. A strong and effective delivery gave him a well-deserved win. We wish Ange all the best as he represents our school at the Eastern Zone Final.

Lorenzo Cruz