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Applause, applause


An energetic, toe-tapping performance that delighted the audience. That was the Sancta Maria College production of ‘Grease’. Playing to near full houses throughout its four day run the show highlighted the acting, singing and dancing skills of our talented cast and the rhythmic playing of our amazing band.

Jess Botherway who played Principal McGee said, “This is the highlight of my year, with my best friends,” displaying the sense of camaraderie that was established between cast and crew.

However, like the saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end’. So after hours and hours of hard work, practise and more practise, our school’s 2018 production, ‘Grease’, has come to a happy and satisfying end. Since their first rehearsal back in February, the cast has come a very long way perfecting their ‘grease lightning’ dance moves, their good ol’ Americans accents and their amazing acting. The staff involved, such as our director Mrs Oliver, and production manager Ms Bradley, have also put in the hard yards in order to produce the quality show the audience witnessed over the past few days. It was, “A performance where you couldn’t stop smiling,” offered Cameron Carter Chan, our very own Kenickie.

Family members, friends, students, teachers and even ex-students (and even a few members of the school’s 2010 production of ‘Grease’) came along to see the hard work of the team come together in an unforgettable show. It is also important to remember the bonds the students involved created together, the friendships formed and the support they all had with each other. “Once a Greaser, always a Greaser,” says Gabriel Nito who took on the role of Sonny.

Production will always be a significant part of a student’s high school life. Those who watched the show and especially those involved have certainly made life-long memories that they will certainly not forget! As Jack Reidy added, “The production was a really good experience that was worth all the hard work and time”.

Angelika Bilbao