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Art Trip to Auckland Domain

Chesca Zambrano (Year 11)

On Tuesday, the 25th of May, the year eleven art students went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Winter Gardens in Auckland Domain.

First, we visited the museum to take photographs and find inspiration for upcoming pieces. The museum was filled with beautiful pieces of the world’s past. The Roman era elements all around the museum were a wonderful inspiration that many thought they could incorporate into their artboards. Many of us were able to draw objects and parts of the museum during our time there.

Afterwards, we walked to the Winter Gardens to take some photos of plants and scenery. The fountain and statues surrounding the garden were reminiscent of gardens that had be described in many well-known stories of palaces. Some students mentioned that it reminded them of novels they had read where the protagonist had spent time reflecting in a pretty, secluded garden.

The greenhouse was humid, with many plants usually seen in tropical-climate countries and islands. It was a wonderful place to warm up from the cold and look at the beautiful greenery and flora from other regions of the world.

The art trip was an amazing opportunity for us to look at how we can approach our artboard and incorporate some of the beautiful artefacts and nature that we had seen throughout our trip.