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Athletics Day


Sunny weather, blue sky and a clear breeze proved to be the perfect conditions for the school’s annual Athletics day competition. Excited students participated in both field and track events, representing their house hoping that they would win the athletics competition.

Prior to this day, the house prefects worked continuously with their houses (Kororareka, Waitemata, Akaroa and Hokianga) to increase house spirit. House chants were practiced during house assemblies to build this spirit and ensure that the day would be a great success! Students also worked on house banners to promote house togetherness.

Kororareka (Red) has won the majority of the house competitions and so determination from the other houses to win the day was evident through their house chants; with Akaroa’s (Gold) house chant speaking “Akaroa is here to win” and Waitemata chanting, “We got that boom boom pow, we got that Waitemata style! You think you’ll beat us now? You better run a mile!”

The enjoyable day consisted of competitive and social events, such as high jump, long jump, discus, shotput, and the 100m, 200m and 400m track events. The participation rate from the students was enormous, evidently showing everyone’s enthusiasm for their house to win.

All students were excited to see the Year 13’s costumes, as they were given the opportunity to dress up in their house colours. The Year 13s took full advantage of this, showing off their costumes and making the most of the day in them! Many parents came along as well to support their children and the school community.

Gail Calicdan, one of the house prefects from Hokianga, describes the overall experience of the day, “It was definitely the most rewarding and energetic athletics day that we’ve had so far. I feel like all of the Year 13s left their last athletics day on such a positive vibe and the house prefects were defiantly so pumped knowing how supportive everyone is in their houses.”

Another house prefect, Hannah Ralph-Smith (house prefect of Kororareka) also comments on the day, “It was such a cool experience being able to lead our house and encourage everyone to participate and have fun, which hopefully they did! Also, all the house prefects wanted to make it special and even better than last year which is why we all ended up creating banners and other decorations like that, so I hope people appreciated and enjoyed that. It was just a really good environment, everyone was participating and being supportive and positive which is really all we can ask for.”

A huge thanks goes out to all those teachers, parents and students who helped organise such an extraordinary event. We would also like to thank all the students who made the day exciting and memorable by participating in a range of different events.

Mia Gilchrist