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Auckland Theatre Company HERE & NOW festival


With a fresh start to the second term, Year 11-13 Drama students made their way to the ASB waterfront on Tuesday to participate in the Auckland Theatre Company’s HERE & NOW festival.

Students took part in musical theatre and screen acting workshops. Broadening their experience in different fields of drama and screen acting gave our students an idea of how it felt to be the star in front of the camera. Those who participated in the musical theatre workshop created a lively performance of “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

Gangster’s Paradise, written by Leki Jackson-Bourke, was a fun and up-beat play. The HBB’s crew – Jayden and his friends – had an ongoing rivalry with the CCCs, creating trouble within their high school territories. Brother G was determined to prove to St Coolios’ school principal that Jayden could learn discipline and motivation through the fun of the drama class’ school production: West Side Story. After the school production was cut due to the CCC’s vendetta against Jayden and his crew, the HBBs, CCCs and the drama kids work together to bring back the platform for students to perform. With a full house attending their original production of South Side story, with rap battles and epic dance-offs, it was safe to say that the new-found harmony between rival groups proved a successful night for St Coolios’ school.

Our drama students left the theatre more knowledgeable in practical acting and inspired by the young cast of Gangster’s Paradise.

Meggy Laguda