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Back into action


Although the holiday tempo is still on with lazy mornings and sleep ins, the Year 7 and 8 netball players woke up early Saturday morning to get ready for their netball game. Some teams had organized training during the holidays to hone the players skills. Read on for the results from this Saturday’s games:

Champs: Sancta Maria 8A – Won 31/11

Flight 1: Sancta Maria 8B – Won 27/5

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 8C – Loss 11/12

Champs: Sancta Maria 7A – Won 26/5

Flight 1: Sancta Maria 7B – LBD (lost by default)

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 7C – Loss 5/10

Flight 2: Sancta Maria 7D – BYE

Teams are gearing up and getting back to training to face the competition rounds after a two-week break.

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