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Becoming people of great faith


Under a golden sunrise, dawn Mass was celebrated by Father Kevin on Eastern Beach. After having received the spiritual food of God students proceeded to Willow Park Christian Camp just across the road.


Sleepless eyes were awoken by an exhilarating morning of team-building activities hosted by the Logos Marist Team. Activities such as the human centipede and making shapes blindfolded challenged the teamwork skills of Year 13 students and got their energy levels pumping for the rest of the day.


However, the day was not just about a physical awakening but also a spiritual awakening. Students participated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation in order to alleviate unnecessary baggage in the form of sins. Students also reflected upon what they are looking forward to and who they envision themselves to be in the future.


Later in the day guest speakers, Dr Laux and Brother Sir Patrick Lynch, came to inspire the students to reflect upon their own vocations from God. Both spoke about their own personal callings from God and how he called for them to serve people.


Overall the retreat was a day for students to stop and reflect before embarking on new challenges and adventures later in the year. The message that students took away is that God has a plan for each and every one us. Through vocation we are called to take action. In this way we can become people of great faith.


Christopher Dee