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Caring for the environment


This Tuesday, some of our students participated in the second session of our newly developed pest trapping programme. Even in the damp weather, a group of students went around the creek behind the school to check on previous pest identification traps and set our new traps. It was a very enjoyable and eventful experience!

Our students have been participating in an enviro-schools initiative to enhance the College environment. This has involved our students planting an area of land around Otara Creek adjacent to the school campus, in native trees and shrubs. The Enviro team, in collaboration with the Auckland Council as part of pest-free Howick, is supporting a trapping and predation management programme to restore the Otara Creek Reserve.

This project is to ensure that native flora and fauna can flourish. Rats and possums in New Zealand are introduced pests and threaten the long-term survival of native species. We are aiming to reduce the number of pests harming the growth of our native plants.

The group of students were geared up in warm, waterproof gear supplied by Auckland Council, NETR Grant funding and were split into two teams. Led by Mr Bidwell, Mr Schollum, Mr Grey, Mr Williamson, Mrs Edwards, Mrs McCreath and Auckland Council pest leaders, these two teams covered the different sides of our massive creek. Although the rain was pouring, we ventured through the forest, learning new things about different plants and placing traps, which we plan to check on a regular basis.

We hope that our students can be part of creating a sustainable and safe environment for our native flora and fauna. It was a damp but amazing experience for us all! Thank You again to all the teachers and supporting students for this amazing plan to care for our environment.

Jennifer Zeng and Iain Tang