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Caring Mass at the Cathedral

Students, caregivers and teachers gathered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate the Catholic Caring Foundation’s Annual Caring Mass, celebrated by our Bishop, Patrick Dunn.

This Mass was initiated by the Catholic Caring Foundation, who’s mission is ‘To promote the dignity of persons…to fulfil the command of Jesus Christ to love one’s neighbour…to supply with compassion and render assistance to people in need without regard to class, ethnicity, sex or creed.’

Therefore, the Mass aimed to recognize the ‘community of givers’ amongst our Auckland diocese. It also gave both the students and teachers an opportunity to come together with hearts open to the poor and vulnerable.

The ‘Caring Award’ is presented to the student who shows the most outstanding care and commitment to their community. Three students from each attending school were nominated, and Henry Elliot, Danielle Mudgeway and Olivia Wright were the three exceptional students nominated from our school.

Angelika Bilbao