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Caritas challenge a lot of fun

Last Wednesday, we had a gold coin mufti day to fundraise for Caritas. There was more in store for the Year 9s as they were participating in the Caritas challenge. This challenge was to raise awareness for their mission around the world, mainly focusing on South Sudan.

The day started with prayers on the turf. Once finished we split up into our homeroom classes and followed our three student leaders to our first activity. There were 6 activities that were based around teamwork, trusting one another and helping each other.

There were 2 water challenges, a creative challenge, two teamwork-based challenges and a fun game. Each activity challenged everyone in different ways.

During lunch we attended Mass and ended the day with an inter class competitive tug of war. My favourite event was the water pipe challenge of carrying water in a gutter with no ends from one bucket to another. Carlos Calicdan and Lynux Oliver both enjoyed the day and they both enjoyed the tug of war the most. 9LIS won the tug of war competition and they also won against the student leaders.

Overall it was a good and fun-packed day.

Daniel Periera