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Caritas Mufti Day


Students were challenged to show solidarity through action and service this week, as Sancta Maria College held a Caritas Mufti Day. A specially planned day also took place for Year 9 students, where they learnt about the hardships people have to overcome to survive and that we should always be grateful for what we have.

As a Catholic School, Sancta Maria College has a passion for supporting Caritas which is a Catholic Agency that works for the less fortunate across the globe. Students came to school with gold coins, which were all donated to Caritas. These donations would have helped students realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have the necessities to survive. However, as a nation and as a population, we should always try our best to support those who are in need.

Students in Year 9 had an amazing day planned out by the RE Department and the 18 Year 13 students who are our Caritas Leaders. Activities such as ‘Water in the Pipes’ and ‘Creating Posters on Raising Awareness regarding Food and Water insecurity’ were enjoyed by the students. However, they were all able to take something away from these activities. For example, the fun activity of Water in the Pipes was not only fun, despite of gusty wind, it also made students aware of the difficulties people in South Sudan come across as they struggle to harvest the water and food that is necessary for their survival. This activity allows the students to understand the significance of water and how precious it is. Obtaining drinkable water is a struggle for those who do not have the developed infrastructure.

After the eye-opening activities conducted by the leaders, a beautiful Mass was held centred on the theme of gratitude and service. The chapel was jam-packed with students and staff alike, further showcasing the solidarity towards service here at Sancta Maria College. As the bell rang for the final session, Year 9 students had to make their way down to the gym for a tug of war.

Overall, these activities opened the eyes of the our Year 9s, making them more aware of the struggles that are common in many countries around the world.

Faith Cruz