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On the 11th of May, some lucky students from our chess club skipped school to compete in a Chess Power Cluster tournament at Somerville Intermediate. Competing in both the Intermediate (Yr 7-8) and senior (Yr 9 – 13) division, Sancta maria returned back to school with better minds and excellent results.

The tournament lasted the whole day, opponents getting harder and harder as the tournament progressed. There were seven rounds, each round with fifteen minutes per player. Once your time ran out, you lost.

With forty six players competing in the Intermediate division, it was a brutal fight for first place. From round one, our players stayed focused and calculated each move. Every capture, check, and move made was crucial to the result. Just one mistake could cost the game. After several rounds of intense playing, Sancta maria managed to make a name for themselves on the leaderboard with Brillion Lau, who came first place with a final score of 7/7, and Aaron Santoso who came second place with a score of 6/7.

But the more intense chess games were held in the senior division, where better and stronger chess players were competing. But Sancta maria still exceeded our expectations with Lucky Do, who came fourth place with a final score of 5/7.

A big thanks to Mrs David and Mrs Farmer, to whom without the trip would not be possible. They organized and provided transport for the day. And a final congrats to all those who participated and represented our school well. If you would like to join events like this, come and check out our chess club meetings held every Monday and Thursday lunchtime. We would love for you to join us!